Taking place on an uninhabited island called Eilean Shona in North West Scotland, Shona Projects creates a microcosm of society in which to consider selected themes and critically engage with the situation we are in.

Artists, writers, cultural theorists, academics and scientists are invited to contribute to each programme, to ensure a variation of backgrounds, disciplines and interests which will in turn generate a live resource of ideas. Through talks, discussions, workshops, interventions and performance, selected participants will collectively learn about diverse, creative and non-arts specific topics that have the potential to inform future work/practice.

To document thoughts, responses and ideas generated through each programme, participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the Shona Projects Blog.

Each programme will also be documented and presented on the Archive page of this website.

Shona Projects launched in November 2015 with a Pilot Weekend. Information about the programme and participants can be found here.

Further information about the location of Eilean Shona can be found here.